Why To Read Poetry

There is a lot of talk about literature and reading in general, but it is often fiction that reigns supreme. Poetry is the Cinderella of the house. For this reason it is important and useful to pause to reflect on some reasons why it is good to read poems and let oneself be carried away by the force and charm, sometimes obscure, of the verses.

5 good reasons to read poetry

Forget the school reminiscences and all those ideas that want poetry to be a minor art: this is not the case at all.

Poetry helps to express oneself

Reading poetry helps us connect with our identity, our problems and feelings. After all, poetry is like looking out of a window and throwing out everything inside.

Poetry creates community

One of the aspects of poetry that has become increasingly popular lately, namely the reading of the texts aloud, reaches many people thanks to the slams, in which competition joins art. In various cities there are competitions with poetic readings and there are really many who participate, both to read (their) poetic texts and simply to listen to them and enjoy them.

Poetry is great for children

Reading with the little ones is a commendable activity that we hope will spread more and more. If you read poetry with them, even better, because the little extra effort it takes is nothing compared to the benefits you get. Poetry is much more than a word, it is also image and rhythm, it is a game through which the little ones learn to play with language, which improves the connections of their brain when expressing themselves, increasing, at the same time, the their vocabulary and their understanding.

Poetry trains the brain

Reading poetry activates different areas of the brain than those activated with prose. In fact, poetry activates the right side of the brain, the one responsible, among other things, for autobiographical memory. Which means that poetry makes us compare the words we hear with our experience, mixing, on an intimate level, the sensory experience with the emotional one.

Poetry shows the world in another way

With the right words and the right images, a poem can change your point of view. The ability of poetry to convey images and feelings is superior to other literary forms. An example? Read aloud the beginning of this famous poem by Eugenio Montale:

Nooning pale and absorbed by a red-hot garden wall, listening to the snaps of blackbirds and the rustle of snakes among the thorns.