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Try to go and watch others who are highly effective at teaching different subjects and learn from them.

English educator, writer, author and poet with more than two hundred books to his credit – spoke of the importance of bringing creativity and imagination into the world of literature and education. His learning program Talk for Writing, which is widely used within the English school system, is based on learning mechanisms and on the transition from imitation, essential for learning, to innovation up to the independent application of what has been learned. This learning mechanism, according to his approach, can be adapted to different ages and respond to the specific needs of those who have to learn.

Pie Corbett Opinion

Two fundamental aspects of education are creativity and imagination. If we think of a world without these two capabilities, in fact, we soon realize that there would be no new ideas, inventions or advances in medicine. There would be no solutions to our daily problems nor would there be hope for change or improvement. This is the reason why creativity must be introduced into education.

New ideas can come occasionally by sudden insights, but it usually does not work well: organize and constantly improve our skills and we increase our knowledge in order to reorganize the information in different and new ways. This is why he doesn’t think creativity is magical – it can be taught.

The imagination is one of the basic skills to train creativity. It is not possible to develop the ability to imagine without the imagination being well fed, and the ability to create images inside the heads of children is required to nurture it. This creates a suitable environment for creative experimentation.

The creation of this “experimental environment” begins from an early age, through play and thanks to teachers who expand the possibilities of what can happen during the game itself: for a creative child, in fact, everything is possible. When we grow up – unfortunately – we lose this imaginative ease, but for the youngest everything is still new and they can therefore experiment with new languages. Even the reading helps a lot to develop the imagination, because it allows us to travel to different worlds. Furthermore, thanks to reading, we can improve our abilities in abstract thinking, as well as the ability to keep an idea in our mind, follow it and develop it in the long term.

Creativity, after all, is about generating new possibilities. This is why it is important that within each of us there is always a sort of inner critic, a judge who identifies our best idea and pushes us to follow it and realize it. This is precisely what we can teach children: to strengthen their ability to imagine and follow creativity, methodically.

Creativity is the catalyst that helps us achieve positive change also in the scientific field: a person, in fact, becomes a great mathematician or a great scientist only if he is also creative. Many scientific and technological breakthroughs, for example, blossomed in the minds of novel writers, precisely because they were able to imagine what would happen years later. Masterpieces Writers have an imagination that allows them to dream of the future. The knowledge is obviously important, because it allows us to learn new information, but we need creativity and imagination to improve society.

Creativity is therefore necessary in education, because education is a revolutionary act. The opposite of creation is destruction: if we work in schools with difficult and demanding students, we must develop their creativity even more, by reading, using storytelling techniques and other methodologies.

Imagination is, in short, a form of daydreaming and it is certainly possible to teach children to imagine.

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