Masterpieces of Literature

Literary Masterpieces You Have To Know

De gustobus non est disputandum, rightly says an ancient proverb in Latin. A proverb that is also fine when it comes to books and literature and, above all, to literary masterpieces. However, there are works that seem to agree (more or less, because the dissenters fortunately never fail) a good part of the critics. Let’s find out today which are the greatest novels in the history of literature as published by the British Encyclopedia on its website.

Anna Karenina

The great novel by Lev Tolstoy flies to the first place among the masterpieces of literature. The love drama of the beautiful Anna, who fell madly in love with the charming officer Alexsej Vronsky, continues to fascinate critics and readers. We are not only faced with a great and tormented story of death and passion, of defeated consciences or in revolt, but also a huge fresco of an endless country dangerously poised between the old and the new. The obsolete and the modern.

The dark beyond the hedge

Written by Harper Lee in 1960, the novel Darkness Beyond the Hedge shines a spotlight on the profound racism of an entire nation: America. All seen and told through the acute but innocent gaze of a young girl. For this novel Lee won the Pulitzer.

The Great Gatsby

A famous novel transposed several times to the big screen. Written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is the portrait of the legendary generation of jazz. In the foreground, the analysis of the American dream, its thunderous collapse and the desperation destined to swallow the heart forever.

One hundred years of solitude

Gabriel García Márquez’s masterpiece could not be missing in any way. Backbone of magical Realism, the book tells the story of an entire family, the Buendía, for seven generations. Passage to India EM Forster’s best known work explores the link between the British and Indians during British rule in the land of the maharajas. Tension skyrockets when Indian Aziz is unjustly accused of attempting to rape an English teacher.

Invisible Man

First and only novel that Ralph Waldo Ellison managed to publish in his life. Invisible Man is certainly a milestone in African-American literature, so much so that its author won one of the most important overseas literary prizes: the National Book Award.

Don Quixote

Published in Spain in 1615, Cervantes’ novel with its unlikely but romantic hero fighting the windmills does not seem to show signs of fatigue, placing itself in seventh place in this particular ranking dedicated to the masterpieces of literature.


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this famous novel by Toni Morrison investigates the drama of slavery in America, bringing to light terrible traumas. Mrs Dalloway One of the masterpieces that came out of Virginia Woolf’s pen. The flow of consciousness, one day in mid-June in London (the story takes place in just 24 hours) and a dense and moved intertwining of suggestions and sensations make this novel, published in 1925, a simply essential reading.

The breakdown

Translated into fifty languages, Chinua Achebe’s book narrates the cultural catastrophe of an entire country (Nigeria) both under British rule and in the years of independence. A cornerstone of all African literature.

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë’s novel, published in the nineteenth century, is today considered a breakthrough novel, where the woman finally gains her independence through work and self-determination.

The purple color

Pulitzer-winning, Alice Walker’s novel explores painful and important themes such as racism, sexuality and diversity ; all through the events and (the letters) of Celie, a former slave.