A piece of Pie ...

A piece of Pie...


Ah, poetry. Paint pictures with words. Here are some poems to get you going. Each poem will download automatically (Word doc) to your computer.

poetry Imagine


Alliteration, metaphor and simile abound in this repetitive poem.

A format which can be used with the youngest children to the oldest.


Try using objects or photos from a magic bag to stimulate ideas.

star Mini Secrets

Mini Secrets

The power of a good title! Doesn't it make you want to read on?! Short, riddle-style poems which get to the heart of each object or creature.


Create a class list of objects, animals or mythical creatures. What could their secrets be?

star When I heard the music

When I Heard the Music

Music is always a wonderful stimulus for the imagination. This poem captures the myriad of thoughts, sensations and emotions evoked by a tune.


Play music of all different forms. Use a roll of old backing paper or wallpaper and let the children draw as they listen- what colours do they choose? What shapes to they make? Annotate the drawing with descriptive phrases and build your poem from there.

star poetryistoprose

- John Wain (no, not that one)

imagine music secret

Listen to Pie reading some of his poems, followed by examples of how they can be used with groups of children.

Track 1: Daggers in Men's Smiles

Track 2: Muddled Proverbs

Simply use the skip button to go between the poems.

Watch Pie reading his poem If Only... This poem can be innovated upon by children and adults of any age and provides an excellent starting place for a stand-alone session or longer sequence.